Episode 18

Published on:

24th May, 2023

Episode 17

Published on:

11th May, 2023

Episode 15

Published on:

21st Apr, 2023

Episode 14

Published on:

16th Apr, 2023

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Strike Up the Band
We talk music with great musicians.
Strike Up The Band is a new music podcast that aims to interview great musicians from all kinds of genres. From studio players to band and orchestra musicians, to jazz and rock, we know that great music comes in all kinds of styles. Tune in to hear from leading perfomers all across the musical spectrum.


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Mike Miller

Mike Miller is a native of Spartanburg, SC and has lived here most of his life. He attended Spartanburg High School and graduated from Furman University. He has been active in many local civic and cultural organizations over the years and is a very active musician, performing with the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble, Sparkle City Brass Quintet, and Spartanburg Community Band, in addition to being a regular in the pit at the Spartanburg Little Theatre. In addition to music, Mike is an avid mountain biker. After several years of dabbling in audio and video production, he created the GO Spartanburg podcast in 2022. Not satisfied with having just one obscure podcast, he created the Strike Up The Band podcast in January of 2023.